the truth about everything


“the measure of a great life is not how well-loved you are, but how well you love others.”

a quote commonly known from the movie Rachel Geting Married.

whether you believe in hollywood or not, these words speak the truth we should all learn to believe in.


and she carries on

it has been many weeks now since the breeze first grazed my neck creating a sensation of warmth and comfort and safety and love. and she carries on. and she goes through my hair and my back and my arms and my breasts and my thighs. and my mind. and my heart.

and she brings me up up up way up there touching the clouds. and brings me back down here oh so close to the ground. and pushes me in all directions. and holds me straight in place. and helps me breathe. and leaves me breatheless.

and she is strong and wraps me around ever so lightly caressing my skin.

and sometimes i manage to hold her tight. and turn myself into a breeze.