The traditional

And here we are. Again. The end of the year post.

This has been a year full of beautiful surprises. In a good way. I don’t think it is necessary to get into the details, but i want to point out the major events that have changed me. That are preparing me for a future.

I saw a psychic in the summer of 2010. One of the first things she told me was that twenty eleven was going to be my year. And she was right.

It’s the year that my career as a photographer would finally make sense. I know now who I want I be. Where I want to go. Who I got to step on to get there, and what I got to learn to make it. Safe. And to survive.
A new life is starting. I will be going to school and work. I will be slowly but surely mapping out the next steps in my life. It is pretty exciting. And scary.

And, the best part. I have fallen in love. I have build a home with my partner. And a future. I never thought it could happen again. Yet it has. And it has a thousand times better then I ever thought possible. And I am happy. And ready.

For this end of year post. I don’t want to look back at whatever I had that was negative. For this end of year post I just want to share the happiness. Simply.

For this end of year post, I want to wish you all happiness. Love. Support. Friendship. Simplicity. And bliss.

Happy new year, and see you next time.