The Versatile award!

So i have been nominated by VuesparRika! Such an honor! Thank you for the nomination!

 Here is how it works:

the rules:

  • add the Versatile Award pic on your blog post
  • thank the blogger who nominated you
  • share 7 random things about yourself
  • nominate 15 fellow bloggers
  • inform the bloggers of their nomination

S here are 7 Random things about me:

  1. i am non-practicing photographer. i do take photographs and very much enjoy it (even having a BFA and going to school to boost my techniques), but sometimes, i’d much rather talk about it and give advice.
  2. my phone is always on vibrate. always.
  3. i much prefer emails or texting to talking. sorry.
  4. i could eat grilled cheeses all day everyday forever
  5. i buy a lottery ticket every week (almost)
  6. i am obsessed with magazines and i buy too many
  7. i’m eating dried fruits as i am writting this.

Here are my nominations in no particular order, i just put numbers because i didn’t like the dots. Some of you don’t even know me, but i though you deserved it!

  1. VuesparRika for her sensitivity and letting us in so beautifully to her  emotions!
  2. TheWriterSays for her hilarious stories and letting us in to some more difficult moments, like a friend (even if we are friends in the “real” world!)
  3. SeeTrue for her amazing insight on her life all over the world! Her writting is so entertaining and so professional too!
  4. MalavikaSuresh for her amazing amazing positivity. For all her tips on how to be a better person and for helping me to dig deep down inside and find my inner self (and my own Mrs Prescott!)
  5. LaPetiteHaitidansMontreal for keeping me up to date with everything regarding my homeland! And for beautiful thoughts on subjects people don’t like to expend on!
  6. Chicquero for beautiful inspiration on fashion and photography.
  7. TheRamblingsofaLesbianBrooklynite for lighting up my day with her funny adventures and her thoughts on anything everything around her

I can’t really reach fifteen, but here it is!



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