2014, Photography

Rasin Racines Roots /ʁa.sin/

After an evening immersed in Haitian music, I let my body guide me. Ma terre m’a parlée. Mon corp a eu besoin de s’exprimer. Mizik la monte nan san m’. M’oblije reponn.

RAM was my soundtrack tonight.


I am feeling so displaced, like I am not where I am supposed to be. Not really physically, mostly spiritually. Mostly creatively. Something fundamental is missing, and I have yet to find it. And this piece, this thing, this missing thing created a void that is all-encompassing. And it has been wrapping my creative life in its tentacles until I can only breathe the frosty cold air of nothingness.
I am tired of thinking empty thoughts. I need real air. The earth. The sun. The sea.

By body jerks with emotions, hoping for a place to live outside of my soul. Seeking solace in the lens, the paint, the paper.



Something new

After over a year of not posting a single original piece, here I am, humbly returning from wherever the hell I was.


I am not sure I want to go through EVERYTHING that happened this past year. There would be enough for a whole book, and quite frankly, I am not there yet. To sum it up in two large events: I got married and I finished school. Again. Finally. For good this time. I will probably go back to it throughout my new posts because, obviously, my life, etc…

Now on to the new stuff. I may or may not post more photography, maybe communicate in visuals more. Or not. I may write more. Who knows. Blogging is so personal, and yet so public. It’s like writing in your journal, except this time you are trying to impress the not so fictional reader. I had lost my touch. I was busy, going through the motions of life. And I needed to do just so.


I can get back to qwerty diarrhea now.